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Pastel Wedding Favor Candy for Your Spring Wedding!

While many couples choose wedding colors based more on personal preference than the season, it is quite common to let Mother Nature guide you in your wedding color decisions. Taking fall weddings as an example, many people choose chocolates, orange candy, red candy and gold candy to complement the shades of autumn. Similarly, for spring weddings, couples often gravitate toward the sunnier, lighter hues blooming around them, including pastel yellows, blues, greens and lavenders. In this article, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite light-colored and pastel wedding favor candy choices. We hope you find some sweet inspiration! Pastel Purple Wedding Favor Candy Do you find yourself falling in love with all things lilac and lavender? It’s hard not to! These soft, springy shades of purple are pretty and perfect for so many things, from bridesmaid dresses to tablecloths. Incidentally, pastel purple candy is also quite appealing, and we have some of the most unique, tasty options, including:
  • Purple Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
  • Lavender Chocolate Mint Lentils
  • Light Purple Sixlets
Green Wedding Favor Candy I might be a bit biased here as green is my favorite color, but I think our selection of green wedding favor candy is simply the best! We’ve got every shade of green your heart could desire, including oh-so-current mint green candy options and brilliant lime green options. In fact, some of our greens are bright enough that they could work for a neon wedding. But that’s for another article! Here are some lovely, light colored green candies to consider.
  • Mint Green Jordan Almonds
  • Leaf Green Foiled Chocolate Hearts
  • Watermelon Rock Candy Sticks
  • Aqua Green M&Ms
Light Blue Wedding Favor Candy Just as our green Blue Wedding Favor Candy selection covers the myriad shades you might be looking for, we also left no blue unturned! From the deepest navy to the most saturated shade of blueberry, we’re confident you’ll find the best blues at Superior Nut Store. Looking at the lighter side of the much-loved color, we find…
  • Pearl Powder Blue Sugar Candy Beads
  • Tiffany Blue Foiled Chocolate Balls
  • Robin’s Egg Blue Jordan Almonds
  • Cotton Candy Rock Candy Sticks
Browse our full selection of wedding favor candy by color to find your favorites. In addition to blue, green and purple, we also stock a seriously sweet selection of red, pink, orange, brown, silver and more!

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