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Making the Most of Marcona Almonds

There are many ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator that will leave you scratching your head in wondering how to use them up. There are certain foods and spices we all buy for one or two recipes, and aren’t quite sure what to do with the remainder as the expiration date approaches. For most of us, Marcona almonds are not one of those foods! Traditional almonds are among the most popular nuts and snacks in general, offering a host of nutritional benefits and a wonderful satiating quality. Marcona almonds are even sweeter and softer, with a higher oil content that makes them an indulgent treat to eat anytime. As such, many people snack on these almonds by themselves and find the bag is empty sooner than they anticipated! Indeed, there is little debate that these delicacies are delicious. But if you can manage to hold onto some of them long enough to take them beyond simple snacking, they can elevate a dish to new heights… Bake Up Something Beautiful We were poking around on the Internet in search of the best marcona almonds sweets recipe, and with so many to choose from, there was no way to choose just one! So here’s a Top 3 of sorts that we encourage you to check out. They certainly top our list of must-try recipes! Simply go to the sites mentioned and search within…
  • Marcona Almond Sea Salt Toffee –
  • Rosemary Olive Oil Marcona Almonds –
  • Baked Brie with Pink Champagne Jelly, Red Grapes and Marcona Almonds –
Dinner’s Ready! Love the idea of creating something small to nosh on, but really want to incorporate Marconas into a decadent dinner? There are plenty of recipes to add to your list in this arena as well, and here are some to chew on…
  • Marcona Almond-Crusted Baked Chicken Breasts –
  • Carrot and Rye Berry Salad with Celery, Cilantro, and Marcona Almonds –
  • Farro Spaghetti with Fresh Tomatoes and Marcona Almonds –
These recipes are just the beginning with countless others to consider. The sky is the limit with Marcona almonds, and the journey toward the sky is a delicious one!

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