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Fresh, premium Australian apricots, pineapples, figs, mangos and ginger covered in delicious pure cane syrup -look no further, you've found the path to sweet, glazed bliss.

You are now one step closer to enjoying a lush mix of taste and texture. These glazed fruits are chosen at the peak of ripeness, and are sure to please. Giving a gift of fruit has been an established tradition in cultures all over the world. Our delectable Australian Ginger would make an elegant and welcome gift. They are dipped in creamy Belgian dark chocolate, while the luscious, glazed Australian Apricots are just as delightful covered in milk, dark or white chocolate. Tucked into handsome, reusable tins, these appetizing dried fruits are an inspired choice. Consider the fig. We added a tasty glaze to one of the world's sweetest fruits. Revered for centuries by cultures all over the world, fig trees were even mentioned prominently in several Bible passages. Prized for their succulent flesh, figs were actually used as a sweetener long before the advent of refined sugars.
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At the Superior Nut Store, we celebrate glazed dried fruit, and start with only the finest, premium produce. Whether you choose to snack on yummy mango slices, or give a gift of divine pineapples, you'll agree these glazed fruit are spectacular.