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Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets and Tins

Crunchy, creamy and complex - these distinctive gourmet chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit bring it all together. Say Welcome Back, Congratulations or Bon Voyage in style. Chocolate and fruit are a match made in heaven, and it's a taste of pure perfection when we dip Australian glazed apricots in delicious milk chocolate and decadent white chocolate. Try another lush mixture of texture and taste with the either the delicious Executive Assortment of Nuts, the Deluxe Basket or the House of Almonds Gift Tin. They will make great gifts for your most discerning clients or that extra fussy relative.
Executive Assortment of Nuts Gift Tin
Reg. Price:$46.95
Our Price: $39.95
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Supreme Snack Basket
Reg. Price:$42.95
Our Price: $36.95
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Deluxe Celebration Basket (Large)
Reg. Price:$64.95
Our Price: $59.95
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Supreme Assortment of Nuts Gift Tin
Our Price: $44.95
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Sweet Celebration Basket (Large)
Our Price: $64.95
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House of Almonds
Reg. Price:$49.95
Our Price: $36.95
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Gourmet Tower of Treats
Our Price: $149.95
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The Ultimate Tower
Our Price: $129.95
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Gift tins and baskets with an elegant assortment of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit come together to provide the perfect gift everytime. You won't be disappointed by the Supreme Snack Basket, and it's overflowing selection of Giant Whole Cashews, Colossal California Pistachios, Chocolate Covered Cashews, and Chocolate Covered Almonds. Then there's the Ultimate Tower with its Almond Butter Crunch and Colossal California Pistachios. Did we mention these scrumptious treats are a truly gift for the senses?