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Chocolate Sunflower Seeds: A Perfectly Sweet Treat

We love sunflower seeds. They remind us of summer time and baseball games at Fenway Park. We love them so much that we decided to carry them at SuperiorNutStore.com. That’s when we realized the opportunity we were missing out on: chocolate sunflower seeds. People love the sweet taste of our chocolate covered nuts, so we knew this was worth testing. The result was an amazingly scrumptious treat!

We’ve taken our roasted and shelled sunflower seeds and coated them in our world famous chocolate, and then added a candy coating to keep them from melting in your hands. The candy coating is available in 11 different shades, which means you can buy them as favor for weddings, baby showers and more. They’re the perfect snack to set out when friends come over as well!

If you’re not a fan of Jordan almonds, why not use chocolate covered sunflower seeds as a wedding favor? You can wrap them up in small organza bags, or you can display them as part of a larger wedding candy buffet. They’re an unexpected treat that will set your event apart from all the rest! Once you have them at your wedding, you’re always going to want to keep some on hand.

We also like chocolate covered sunflower seeds because they’re an easy way to get the chocolate you crave in a healthy package. Regular consumption of sunflower seeds can help improve your cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol. Sunflower seeds are nutrient rich and have a high concentration of folate, vitamin E, Iron and Zinc.

If you’re looking for a healthy treat that’s got a little something extra, chocolate covered sunflower seeds are the perfect answer. With just a hint of chocolate wrapped around them, it’s a guilt free way to treat your friends and family. Why not try some today and see for yourself?