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Slightly Sweet, Terrifically Tangy, 100% Healthy - Goji Berries

Sweetness, a little sour along with a deep red-orange color all point to the Goji Berry, quite possibly one of the healthiest foods in the world. A vibrant mix of delicious full bodied flavor, and antioxidants, Goji Berries are decadent and heart-smart.
Goji Berries (1 Pound Bag) - No Sugar Added
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Goji Berries (10 Pound Case)
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Tart and delicious Dried Goji Berries give a robust nutrient-rich boost to trail mixes, and blend beautifully into smoothies. Add their tangy taste and chewy texture to your favorite cereal, granola, yogurt and salads; these premium dried Goji Berries are exceptionally versatile. With a fruit this handy, it's a good thing the Superior Nut Company can easily accommodate bulk orders. Goji Berries boast a complex flavor that is slightly sweet and slightly sour, and thoroughly delectable. The sweeter ones taste like a mix between a cranberry and a cherry, and the less ripe berries are a cross between a raspberry and a plum. Organically cultivated in the Himalayas, Goji berries are 100% natural and an indisputable Super Food.

Grown in the Himalayan mountains, the Goji Berry is chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients. Far more than a simple berry, the Goji Berry has long been praised in the Far East for its medicinal properties. These berries are said to protect the liver, strengthen muscles, preserve eyesight, boost immunity, improve circulation and promote longevity. A staple in traditional Chinese medicine, the Goji Berry can be eaten raw, brewed into teas, or sprinkled in soups. Reap the health benefits of this nutritious fruit by adding it wherever possible to your daily diet. Whether you choose a 1lb. bag or a 10 lb case of these pungent dried Goji Berries, the Superior Nut Company can ensure an endless supply of this healthful berry.