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The Rich Tradition Of Jordan Almonds

You're probably familiar with the Jordan Almond if you've been to any weddings recently. These popular treats have long been a traditional gift to give out at weddings and other special occasions. It seems like most folks either love or hate these treats. Everyone at the Superior Nut Company is pretty partial to them because we know what a rich tradition lies behind them!

The Jordan Almond has been a staple of Mediterranean weddings for hundreds of years. It's traditional to serve them as favors at Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern weddings. Fresh almonds are said to have a bittersweet taste, which symbolizes life. The sugarcoating is added in the hopes that the newlyweds life will be more sweet than bitter. Each culture has their own meaning behind these sweet treats:

Greek Weddings Jordan Almonds, or Koufeta are given out as favors, always in odd numbered amounts. The Greek choose odd numbers because they are indivisible, symbolizing how the newlyweds will share their entire lives together, undivided.

Italian Weddings In Italian families, five almonds signify five wishes for the bride and groom: health, happiness, fertility, wealth and longevity.

Middle Eastern Weddings Candy covered almonds are considered an aphrodisiac and there are always some on hand during a wedding reception!

While most popular at weddings, Jordan Almonds are used as a favor or snack at a variety of celebrations. Pink almonds and blue almonds may be used at baby showers, while any color may be handed out at anniversary parties, engagement parties or bridal showers. Pastel Jordan almonds make an excellent addition to an Easter basket, and you can even find red and green to add to your Christmas party.

These sweet almonds should be savored just like the celebrations you find them at! If you're planning a wedding or a shower, consider leaving out some Jordan Almonds, but add a little extra by putting up a small sign that explains their history and meaning. Your guests will be digging in to a snack with a rich past and a colorful future!