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Lavender Jordan Almonds — Luscious Confections that Bring the Outdoors In!

The delicate color of springtime blooms is only the beginning when you treat your guests to our wonderful Lavender Jordan Almonds. Whether used as traditional wedding candy or party confections, they’re simply the finest available.
Lavender Jordan Almonds (1 Pound Bag)
Our Price: $6.75
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Lavender Jordan Almonds (5 Pound Bag)
Our Price: $31.71
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Light and bright, smooth and perfect, our Lavender Jordan Almonds give you an intriguing match for lacy trains and veils, linen tablecloths, rose petals, sequins, sparkling champagne and all the things that make an outdoor wedding a joyous affair to remember. The delicate pastel candy coating on our wedding Jordan Almonds call to mind classic watercolors of pastoral scenes, making them just right for elegant spring and summer celebrations. Mixed with our other pastel Jordan Almonds, they can bring a hint of a fairer season indoors, at any time of the year.

These are the lavender candy selections most often used in traditional weddings, showers and social events around the world. Jordan Almonds are best known for their classic pastel colors; serving them to your honored guests is expected in many cultures. At Superior Nut Store, we craft our own Jordan Almonds and have refined them to include a large, fresh-roasted California almond inside each delicious candy shell, rather than the bitter raw nut found in the originals of long ago. So when you order your Lavender Jordan Almonds wholesale from us, you can be sure that naught but the sweetest memories will remain after the ceremony.