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Macadamia Nuts are a Great Snack

Here at Superior Nut Store, we know that most nuts are a relatively healthy snack choice. Macadamia nuts are a great example! Not only are they tasty, but theyíre also quite good for you. So you donít have to feel guilty for indulging in our raw whole macadamia nuts, milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts, or dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Itís a general rule that most nuts are quite healthyóthey are an excellent source of protein and fiber. And thatís why itís a good idea to munch on some macadamia nuts after a workout or other type of physical activity. Think of them as natureís little energy boost.

Macadamia nuts take the nutrition one step further. You might be surprised to note that macadamia nuts donít contain any sugaróso donít let the rich and sweet taste fool you! They are also free of any cholesterol. This makes macadamia nuts an extremely heart healthy food. They are also a great source of monounsaturated fatóand thatís the good fat that weíre all looking for. Macadamia nuts are also a good source of essential oils, potassium, and calcium. In general, tree nuts are great sources of vitamins and minerals. And macadamia nuts are no different!

Using Macadamia Nuts
Now that you know how beneficial macadamia nuts can be to your health, itís time to start thinking about the best ways to eat them. Obviously, theyíre delicious right out of the packageóbut you can do so much more with macadamia nuts!

Crushed macadamia nuts make a great coating for baked fish or chicken. All you need to do is crush up just enough to coat the meat. Itís a good idea to dip the fish or chicken in some milk first to ensure that themacadamia nuts stick. You can then bake the chicken or fish, or cook it on the stove top. Macadamia nuts really compliment many different varieties of fishófrom tilapia to mahi mahi.

Macadamia nuts are also great in a salad. Weíve all seen slivered almonds used, but itís just as good to substitute macadamia nuts. You can use them whole, or cut them in half. They are especially delicious in a tropical saladóas macadamia nuts taste great when paired with pineapple and orange.

When youíre looking for a delicious, nutritious, and versatile snack, you donít have to look any further than macadamia nuts. You can find all of the macadamia nuts youíre looking for right here at Superior Nut Store!

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