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Nut Pastes - Take Dessert From Tasty to Spectacular

Impress your guests with desserts made from any one of these three delicious nut pastes: Almond, Hazelnut or Pistachio. These Nut Pastes bring to the table an irresistible flavor and truly delectable style.
Almond Paste
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Hazelnut Paste
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Pistachio Paste
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Choose the Almond Paste, Hazelnut Paste, Pistachio Paste, as they all are made from premium ground nuts and sugar. It's a combination that works every time. Simply add our Nut Pastes to your favorite recipes - puddings, pastries, pies, tarts, or cookies. The options for use are only limited by your imagination. These delectable pastes will bring greater depth and complexity to the most traditional desserts. Smooth and creamy, these Nut Pastes bring an irresistible flavor and unexpected richness to sweet after-dinner treats.

Our Almond Paste, all natural and gluten-free, is perfect for the most delicate pastry. Hazelnut Paste made from fresh, roasted hazelnuts and mixed with sugar, will inspire both professional chefs and home cooks to create heavenly desserts. Pistachio Paste will add rich, luxurious taste to the icing on any cake. Any of our delightful Nut Pastes can deliver on a melt-in-the-mouth dessert menu. Enliven all of your favorite desserts with delectable Nut Pastes sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.