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Give the Gift of Good Taste With Our Delicious Selection of Nuts

These premium nuts are crunchy, sweet, savory, and absolutely perfect for every occasion. Who could ask for anything more? We start with premium nuts, and roast them to perfection in small batches to ensure their delicious full flavor shines through. Need a special gift basket to celebrate a new baby? Want to wish that new graduate good luck? Say what you need to say with a decanter of Mammoth Pecans, a lovely gift tin of California Almonds, or large delicious whole Royal Macadamia nuts or the delectable Colossal Pistachios. Who could resist? Always appropriate, these nuts are perfect gifts for every occasion.
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Every good time deserves good food. Our luscious Marcona Almonds whether roasted and salted, or raw, these nuts are sure to garner rave reviews. If you're looking for even more applause, any of the delicious nuts in our Superior Mixed Nuts decorative gift tin, from the Giant Cashews (the name alone can cause drooling in grown ups) to the Turkish Hazelnuts and Blanched Brazil nuts, will have you taking a bow.