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Welcome Your New Comfort Food: Rich, Creamy, Flavorful Pecan Butter

This delicious and fresh Pecan Butter means it has never been easier to get your daily dose of something wonderful. Silky texture, bold flavor, it's a nut butter for those who love a hint of adventure.
Fresh Pecan Butter (16 oz. Jar)
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This is what you've been craving - crunchy, creamy Pecan Butter with a full, rich, mouthwatering flavor. It's a delectable new twist on an old favorite. Fresh, premium roasted Pecans are ground into a smooth nut butter that is at once savory and sweet. Then we take it one step further with the ingenious addition of White Chocolate, dark Chocolate, or toothsome Honey. There's no hiding the obvious - our Pecan Butters are simply delicious. One taste and you'll agree that our hallmark attention to quality comes immediately. Imagine the delight when family and friends take a bite into pancakes drizzled with warm, scrumptious Pecan Butter, or smother their flaky croissants with Honey Roasted Pecan Butter. Believe us a dollop of Fresh Chocolate Pecan Butter is certain to perk up your morning smoothie. Meals that get remembered start with ingredients like this. We donít mind - the "Kudos!!" are yours to keep.

Pecan Butter this smooth and velvety will help home cooks and professional chefs transform any recipe from simple to sublime. It's a healthy choice, too. Nutrient-dense Pecans are exceptionally high in cardio-protective antioxidants. Only one ounce of Pecans provides over 10% of your Daily Recommended Allowance of fiber. Word to the wise: buy double what you think you could ever possibly eat. You'll thank us.

Enjoy layers of deep, rich flavor when you dig into smooth, creamy Pecan Butter from the Superior Nut Company. Itís created using only the finest ingredients available like fresh Pecans roasted on-site, peanut oil, cocoa butter, vanilla extract and more. The variety of flavors such as Salted Pecan Butter, Unsalted Pecan Butter, Honey Roasted Pecan Butter, Chocolate and White Chocolate Pecan Butter mean there is one for every taste. Mix the Pecan Butter (with or without salt) in with your favorite sauces and salad dressings. The Honey Roasted Pecan Butter (made with real honey!) is yummy on sandwiches, the Chocolate Pecan Butter makes an excellent dip for fruits and the White Chocolate Pecan Butter tastes amazing warmed and poured over ice cream. Pecan Butter is a healthy, irresistible way to snack.