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Divine Pistachio Butter Brings the Exotic In to the Everyday

Breathe in the aroma of fresh, premium Pistachios. Notice the rich color and the creamy texture. Have a taste. Feel the lust as the full dimension of this decadent and delicious Pistachios Butter finally envelopes all of your senses. Yum.
Fresh Pistachio Butter (16 oz. Jar)
Our Price: $19.95
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Pistachio Butter. Hmmmmm....Is there a better phrase in the English language? Not when you're hungry. The only way to make it any more appealing - as with so many things - is to add chocolate. Fresh Chocolate Pistachio Butter or Fresh White Chocolate Pistachio Butter is delicious on muffins for a very special afternoon tea. Itís delectable slathered on toast for a decadent brunch, or simply offer it in a bowl with apple slices for a sinfully rich dip. Taste and youíll see Chocolate and Pistachio Butter were made for each other. We can sum up the flavor of these delightful nut butters in two words: wicked good.

Create one of our Custom Gift Basket for the nut lover in your life with food of consummate quality including several of these heavenly Fresh Pistachio Butters. A well-crafted Gift Basket, or Gift Tin, filled with yummy Pistachio Nut Butters not only says you care enough to send the absolute best, but it also says you're foodie and how cool is that?! High quality Pecans, premium Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate come together to make deliciously memorable sandwiches. There is just something extraordinary that happens when you spread delicious Pistachio Nut Butter on thick crusty bread. The Pistachio Nut Paste is also something to write home about. Its unmistakable richness adds depth to frostings, cookies, or cupcakes. Pistachio Nut Paste will turn any gelato into something truly special.

Lovers of the delectable flavor of Pistachios will crave Pistachio Butter from the Superior Nut Company. Formulated only with the finest, fresh, natural ingredients like plump Pistachios, peanut oil and a pinch of salt (itís also available in an unsalted variety). Use in place of peanut butter to make a PB &J thatís out of this world. Mix it into sauces, pour it over ice cream, however your use it, the quality is unparalleled and the taste is scrumptious.

Did you know that Pistachios are a heart smart snack? By adding Pistachio Butter to your daily diet regiment you reap the benefits of the amino acid, arginine, a powerful antioxidant. Itís also full of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, and lots of potassium. Sweet or savory, our Pistachio Butter is guaranteed to be fresh and deeply satisfying. Choose from our three delicious flavors: Fresh Pistachio Butter, Fresh Chocolate Pistachio Butter & Fresh White Chocolate Pistachio Butter