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Sour Patch Kids – Sweet, Sour and Delicious

The candy world is having a sour renaissance! Since first coming into vogue in the late 1970s (Warheads first appeared in 1975 with the original Sour Patch Kids following soon after), candy connoisseurs have had a soft spot for tart treats. The interplay of sweet and sour flavors is a source of joy for gastronomes of all stripes and enthusiasts of scotch, wine and beer – why not also for candy?

When Sour Patch Kids originally came to market, they were called “Mars Men,” but quick to catch onto the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the early 1980s, the name of the product soon changed.

So what are Sour Patch Kids, exactly? Well, like Swedish Fish, they’re a variety of wine gum candy (note: Sour Patch Kids don’t contain any actual wine). To get their unique taste, they’re coated with ‘sour sugar’ and get their trademark tartness from citric acid. In addition to the ‘classic’ flavors of lime, lemon, orange and raspberry, they’ve also added some newer flavors available in fruit-shaped candies – watermelon, grape, cherry and the classic flavors.

Today, the sour candy craze that Sour Patch Kids helped to launch is everywhere – even Skittles and Jelly Belly even have sour versions of their popular candy treats. The taste of Sour Patch Kids is so popular that there’s even a cocktail named after it – the drink features vodka, Blue Curacao, grenadine and sour mix.

For added fun, try incorporating Sour Patch Kids into some of your favorite sweet baked goods. The sour tang provides an interesting balance to brownies, cupcakes or other delectations.

At Superior Nut Company, our Sour Patch Kids are available in several sizes – grab a one pound bag for casual snacking, a five pound bag for entertaining and a 10 pound case for a blowout bash that calls for bulk ordering. We’ve been making delicious snacks since 1929. Order today and find out why we’re New England’s most reliable source of first quality nuts.
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